Rogue’s Single Malt Ale

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I am always surprised by Rogue beers.  There is always something a bit different, unique, and well thought out about beer brewed by this company.  This beer is a twist on a IPA, hoppy and malty.  The hops shine through much more than the malt.   Very drinkable.

Colour: dusty gold
Nose: light citrus
Flavour: more hoppy than malty

single malt ale


Cherry Black Velvet Beer Blend

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This is an unique twist on a Black Velvet.   This recipe was created by my husband and is a variation on the traditional recipe which calls for Strongbow Cider and Guinness.  Instead of Strongbow, this recipe calls for Okanagan Black Cherry Cider.

Here’s what you will need:

  • 355 ml can of Okanagan Black Cherry Cider
  • 440 ml can of Guinness Draught

Cherry CiderGuinness





Makes two glasses

Instructions: Evenly split the cider into two glasses.  Very slowly add half of the can of Guinness into each glass to ensure layering.

That’s it!  Now you have a creamy blend of cherry with the maltiness of Guinness Draught.  Cheers!

Cherry Black Velvet





Did you enjoy this recipe?  Add your comments below.

Big Rock’s Cherazz

From the new selection from Big Rock is a Belgian fruit beer called Cheraszz.  Bright red and fruity this is a fun beer to serve to guests to give them something to talk about.  Some will like, others will not.  Tart cherries , acidic and medium carbonation are some of the dominant characteristics for this beer.

Colour: bright red
Nose: fruity berries
Flavour: tart cherries


Alley Kat Brewings Company’s Rainbow Dragon Double IPA

While you haven’t seen any posts this summer, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t any beer drinking happening.  There will be a back log of reviews coming, starting with one of my favourite breweries Alley Kat.

Rainbow Dragon Double IPA is mild in its bitterness with citrus flavours.  What makes this beer a rainbow is that it is brewed with a number of different hops from past Dragons.  Nice refreshing taste. It is a great beer for a nice hot day.

Colour: golden
Nose: fresh fruit
Flavour: crisp citrus

rainbow dragon

Tree Brewing’s Mellow Moon

Mellow Moon is a fun pineapple hefeweizen.  It is a tasty light beer with the fruitiness of pineapple.    Another great and refreshing beer for the patio.  It has the characteristics of a wheat beer versus a fruit beer having more tart and citrus characteristics and dry finish.  If you prefer more sweetness, try a fruit beer versus this one.


Mellow Moon








Colour:  hazy pale gold

Nose: pineapple, citrus, and some banana

Flavour: pineapple, hint of banana, not too sweet

Shmaltz Brewing Company’s He’Brew Funky Jewbelation

Funky JewbelationAttracted by this funky label, I picked up this beer a few weeks ago.  I was also excited by the fact it is aged in rye whiskey and bourbon barrels.  There seemed to be a lot of potential.

After trying, my feedback is not great.  I found the flavour very strange,  there is too much going on.  The first flavour on the palate is whiskey and then it goes tart, almost apple like.  It is difficult to describe the overall flavours in any other way but sour.   Perhaps this is because it is a blend of 6 ales.  I think everyone should try this beer because it is so unusual. Once you do, share your comments below.

Colour: dark brown

Nose:  sweet whiskey

Flavour: overall impression sour

Four Pack from Tofino Brewing Company

A recent trip by a friend to Tofino, saw us sampling the delicious brews of Tofino Brewing Company last weekend.  We were all impressed by the quality, characteristics, and uniqueness of these beers.  Here is what we had:

Tuff Session Ale: Inspired by a tuff day surfing, this brown ale is a refreshing drink with a nice caramel finish.

Hoppin’ Cretin IPA:  Full of citrus without any punishing bitterness  makes this is a very drinkable IPA .

Blonde Ale: A nice crisp blonde ale with malty flavours.

Kelp Stout: Stout actually made with kelp!  Chocolate flavours with a slight saltiness make this a very unique brew.

If only these were available locally…